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About Us

Sox Footwear is an extension of the Sox Factory, which was formed in 2016. Our core business is to provide athletes with top-quality performing products proudly manufactured in South Africa. Our designs, quality and people are handpicked to provide clients with the best in the business. Our team is young, hip, active and creative, which ensures our socks are always trendy and current.

In 2020, Sox Footwear partnered with Rush Sports to become a distributor of the brand in cycling stores in key territories across the globe. Sox Footwear can now be found in South Africa, Namibia, United Kingdom and Sweden, with plans of expanding to more countries in the near future. 



Made use of a local factory to produce the Sox Footwear brand. In 2017, the quality and lead times not to our satisfaction, start researching our own factory options.



Purchased the first socks machine. How hard can it be? Start manufacturing the Sox Footwear brand within Sox Factory. Develop cool socks for our brand and keep innovating.




Sign a distribution deal with the fastest-growing cycling distributor in South Africa, Rush Sports. Expanded to the United Kingdom and Sweden. 



February 2021, expand to Sweden and planning world sox domination.


We do it all


All our designs are created in-house at the Sox Factory in Pretoria. Each design is handpicked with the latest colours and pattern trends in mind.


Our high tech true print will never fade or wash out. Sox Factory has paved the way with this technology and is the first in South Africa.  


The Sox Factory has procured the perfect material that is both durable and soft. Each sock is knitted to perfection with our own PolyLon36 Fiber. 


“Fast delivery. Bought the botanical and blue premium range. Love the unique design of the former and vivid color of the latter. They fit like a glove and is eye-catching with my chinos and sneakers. Good overall experience.”